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 Andorra News

Removal of telecommunication and postal secrecy planned for all delicts
Attack on taxpayers from ambush
Non-profit organizations suspected of money laundering
Surfers from Andorra are blocked
Andorra's image abroad is explored through an online opinion poll
Again new quota for Passive Residents
Reduction of duty-free allowance for tobacco postulated
The Liberals suggest putting negotiations with the EU on ice
Andorra works aggressively on tax collection
Cash prohibition on transactions over 30,000 EUR
Congress of the Liberal International (LI) in Andorra
France closes consulate in Andorra due to lack of money
Current warning for investors in Andorra
State of emergency law in preparation
Financial unit suspects buyers of gold bars and diamonds of money laundering
Head of government wants to co-create a 'New World Order' (NWO)
Euromarxes writes protest letter to the Pope
End of freedom to travel
Episcopal Co-Prince loses Andorra Mint
Finance Minister is reproached of trading in blood diamonds
Exchange of information instead of banking secrecy will be reality
Viruses in the 'Water of Andorra'
Estate Agents Association urges tightening of construction planning law
Finance Minister implicated in Panama Papers
MUST-READ Wave of expropriations getting closer
DNA registry for dogs
No "opt-out" right in case of invasive smart meters
Non EU companies fall into the claws of the EU tax collectors
Shell companies: flags of convenience for aircrafts
Bank account opening becomes even more unpredictable
Andorran Bank under suspicions of money laundering by the US authorities
MUST-READ Switzerland and Andorra are upgrading to surveillance states
Andorra joins the EU
Election result: Before the election is after the election
Press Freedom in Andorra declines significantly
Andorra euro coins fever
The Andorran Euros are finally released
Credit rating downgrade, increased risks in the banking sector
Called for a referendum on abolishing the Co-Princes of Andorra
Co-Prince Hollande recommends Andorra accession to the EU
Open letter to parliamentarians, citizens are indignant at arbitrary laws
Automatic exchange of information in tax matters is coming
'Gag law' for media in Andorra in preparation
Human rights, constitutional complaint and judicial review of laws in Andorra
For really rich people banks have a secret weapon for tax avoidance
Tutoring for Andorra in human rights matters
Buying property in Andorra, only with criminal record
Securing financial investment on systemic crises
Multilateral automatic exchange of information
Going into tax exile is lawful tax avoidance
Living and Working in Andorra
20 years Andorran Constitution without progress
Media self-censorship business cycle policy by forced investment
Telecom asks for system usage charge of Apple, Google, Others
Cash sniffer dog at the border to Andorra [DE]

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 Votings and surveys

Current survey: About the tax competition among states NEW
Survey results concerning: financing of state budget and interest tax


This collection of electronic articles about the microstate Andorra provides special information on economically and legally relevant aspects of the principality and gives references to the different ways of use of the location Andorra.

Tax haven: How to use Andorra successfully
Joint-Venture: Investment chances in Andorra
Trademarks: Require a separate registration in Andorra
Real estates: Property market Andorra
Property: Tax haven in the Pyrenees
Investments: Andorra in suction of the Euro


... checking is better
Residence permit in Andorra: Get it
Permission to work in Andorra: Apply for it
Purchasing a property in Andorra : See the weak points
Car registration in Andorra for Non-Residents
Trustees: 'On the test stand'
Trust deed: How to make it 'watertight'
Insurance companies: How to incorporate


Bibliography Index of the online available documents about the principality of Andorra, particularly materials on economic and legal aspects, which could be consulted free of charge.
The section Andorra in the review of the foreign media gives an overview about media reports outside of Andorra.


Statistical data which are regularly updated.
Composition of the population in Andorra
Consumer price index in Andorra
Minimum wage in Andorra
Registration of vehicles in Andorra


Locational data: Basic data about Andorra
Glossary: Andorran terminology comprehensible
General map of Andorra: Do not lose the orientation


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