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Andorra News Archive 2014


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Andorra News Archive 2014

23.12.2014 The Andorran Euros are finally released [DE]

After a long wait the euro coins with Andorran reverse are ready for delivery. January 15, 2015 they will be put into circulation by the banks in Andorra little by little. Collectors can also purchase the official 2014 coin set from Andorra from that date.

10.12.2014 Overview: The most important tax types in Andorra [DE]

Taxes must also be paid in Andorra.

20.11.2014 New German Ambassador to Andorra

Peter Tempel is the new German ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of Andorra, based in Madrid. He takes over from Reinhard Silberberg (2009-2014).

03.10.2014 Credit rating downgrade, increased risks in the banking sector

The US credit-rating agency Standard & Poor's (S & P) lowered the long-term sovereign credit ratings on the Principality of Andorra from 'A-' to 'BBB +'.
The downgrade is based on increased risks of Andorra's financial sector.

09.09.2014 Parliamentary group leader of the PS calls for abolition of the Co-Princes

The parliamentary group leader of the party PS (Socialists) David Rios, has called for a referendum on the abolition of Co-Princes of Andorra. Reason for the demand was that the episcopal Co-Prince would never sign a law allowing abortion, as long as the Pope prohibits abortion of unborn most innocent human life.
From sources at the Permanent Mission of the Episcopal Co-Prince was heard, that in case of abolition of Co-Princes the parish of Canillo with the villages Soldeu and Pas de la Casa will be added to France and the rest of Andorra will fall to Spain. For Andorra it would be better not bite the hand that feeds the country so comfortably for over 700 years.

27.06.2014 Co-Prince Hollande recommends Andorra accession to the EU [DE]

Hollande takes the view that for Andorra the accession to the European Union is the conclusive logical consequence of the geographical location of Andorra.

23.06.2014 Open letter to the parliamentarians [DE]

Andorran citizens are indignant at arbitrary laws and demand the attention of rights and freedoms proclaimed in the Constitution and human rights.

17.06.2014 Automatic exchange of information in tax matters is coming [DE]

Andorra's Foreign Minister Gilbert Saboya declared today in Paris before the 'Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development' (OECD) the willingness of Andorra, to accept the multilateral convention of the OECD on the automatic exchange of information in tax matters.

13.06.2014 Hollande in Andorra

His Serene Highness Co-Prince François Hollande visited for the first time for 27 hours his principality. In his speech to the Andorran people Hollande reiterated his support for Andorra's association with the European Union. Hollande congratulated the Andorran to its beautiful constitution which guarantees fundamental rights of the people. The French Co-Prince made it clear that he will never interfere in the political life of Andorra. The latter statement Andorras politicians particularly like to hear.

11.06.2014 'Gag law' for media in Andorra in preparation [DE]

Sharp criticism of the controversial 'gag law', daily newspaper in Andorra appears in protest without content.

12.02.2014 Human rights, constitutional complaint and judicial review of laws in Andorra [DE]

Possibilities and limits of enforcement in Andorra.


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