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 . . . "Art may be a game, but it's a serious game." - Caspar David Friedrich


Andorra-Inside: Andorra-Gallery - Views from and about the principality of Andorra. Native and foreign artists show and present their views and interpretations of Andorra


List of common sense

Market economy for securing a sustainable future

Transparency of the state instead of nepotism

Human rights now and without conditions

Competition and self-responsibility instead of controlled economy and statism

Protection of the privacy of the individual instead of sellout

Personal freedom and self-determination instead of (state) dictation and collectivism

Respect for private property



Views from and about the principality of Andorra

Native and foreign artists show their views and interpretations of Andorra. Here we give the opportunity to invited artisans to present their views of Andorra.


Summary of the contents


Pantebre Arqués, Francesc: Looking back - Lived views [DE]


Mas Fišera, Erminia: Impressions - Andorran landscapes [DE]


Kunkeler, Trudy: Influences - Paths into nothing [DE]



We would be pleased to receive suggestions of topics from visitors and applications from creative people for presentation of their works and projects in the Andorra Gallery. If you like to present here works with reference to Andorra, please address yourself to the editor with a meaningful description of the topic. The publication of the weboptimized reproduction of the works in a permanent exhibition inside this project takes place free of cost for the artist and is independent of the nationality and the domicile. A legal right to the publication is not guarenteed. It is our right to refuse offers without giving an explanation.



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