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Andorra-Support - Useful supplementary services, like Andorra-News, competent answers to your questions, maps, webcams, addresses and weather information for a journey here as well as the most important key figures about the location Andorra



This chapter comprises useful supplementary services, like addresses and weather information for a journey here, the duty-free allowances on the return journey as well as the most important locational data about the principality of Andorra. Regional terms are explained comprehensibly in the Andorra-Glossary. The general map makes the position finding easier and helps to estimate better the distances to the centers and the capital. The WebCams make it possible to take a look at the events on the spot.


Summary of the contents


Andorra-Locational data: Basic data about the structure of the country


Map: Andorra-General map


Glossary: The Andorra-ABC [DE]


Addresses: Directory [DE]


Tourist info: Travel information [DE]


Holidays: Holidays in Andorra


Duty-free: Duty-free allowances


Weather reports: The current weather in Andorra [DE]


Radioactivity: Measurement results of gamma radiation [DE]


Internet-Cameras: WebCams in Andorra



Please visit as well the official online presence of the Contact office of the Confédération Européenne des Indépendants a Andorra.



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