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Language codes: Applied language abbreviations


List of common sense

Market economy for securing a sustainable future

Transparency of the state instead of nepotism

Human rights now and without conditions

Competition and self-responsibility instead of controlled economy and statism

Protection of the privacy of the individual instead of sellout

Personal freedom and self-determination instead of (state) dictation and collectivism

Respect for private property


Language codes

Applied language abbreviations

The language version of a publication is marked by two letters of the characters A - Z as language code following the ISO [1] 639 [2]. The following abbreviations are used frequently.

Code Language Code Language
CA Catalan ES Spanish
DE German FR French
EN English LA Latin

Where applicable, the details about the language version are given after the title or subtitle in square brackets. An oblique between several language abbreviations indicates that the corresponding language versions of the text are combined in a sole issue.





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