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Andorra News Archive 2013



Andorra News Archive 2013

Andorra remains a tax haven, but not for all

Andorran banks still have a secret weapon for tax avoidance for stinking rich people in sleeves. The search for loopholes is over. Among their wealthy clients Andorran banks promote the vehicle as an insiders' tip by which the future tax rate may be reduced for capital gains to zero. The trick is focused on investment companies with variable capital, so-called 'Societats d'Inversió en Capital Variable (SICAV)', whose tax rate is 0%.

Tutoring for Andorra in human rights matters [DE]

Andorran Association for Human Rights organizes a course to raise awareness of the theme of human rights.

Penalty tax for people who travel to Andorra? [DE]

The president of the Spanish federation of hotel industry of Lerida province calls for the introduction of a tax on tourists when crossing the Spanish-Andorran border.

Buying property in Andorra, only with criminal record [DE]

Previous convictions which may exist could thwart the plans of foreigners buying property in Andorra. Real estate purchases by foreigners in Andorra are affected by the requirement to submit a criminal record certificate.

Securing financial investment on systemic crises [DE]

Protecting savings against loss of purchasing power, inflation, bank failures, sovereign defaults and currency reform.

Multilateral automatic exchange of information [DE]

Comes with the renegotiation of the cross-border European Savings Tax Directive the end of banking secrecy in Andorra?

Going into tax exile is lawful tax avoidance [D]

In the high-tax states, the tax-motivated transfer of residence into a tax haven or low tax country is considered tax avoidance. Nevertheless, a legitimate tax avoidance is not tax fraud.

Design of the Andorran Euros decided [DE]

The Andorran government is making every effort to ensure that the Andorran euros do not end up with dealers and collectors hands, but effectively come into circulation. Collectors can adjust to the fact that there will be mintings of the Andorran euro coins by Spanish and French mints. The new direction will make little enjoyment to coin collectors.

Living and Working in Andorra [DE]

A report from the perspective of a lone German worker in Andorra. From the first entry in 1998 until today, with special attention to social aspects such as work permit, working conditions, salary and social security - by Claudia Pohl.

Inauguration of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Estonia [DE]

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia in Andorra, Mr. Antoni d'Ortadó helps in contacts between Estonia and Andorra.

More than 175,000 notarial recordings digitalized and indexed

More than 3,000 companies have not submitted balances

20 years Andorran Constitution without progress [DE]

Critical evaluation of the state of development of constitutional jurisdiction.

19.03.2013 Russian mafia boss has passive residence in Arinsal

19.03.2013 Residents want to break away Pas de la Casa [DE]

The independence movement is called Front Autonomista del Pas de la Casa (FRAP) and demands a separation of the district of Pas de la Casa from the municipality Encamp and the constitution of a new independent commune with extensive right of self-determination.

28.02.2013 3 new types of residence permits planned

28.02.2013 Sales Tax Act will already be amended in June

25.02.2013 Registration of Trademarks in Andorra having obstruction [DE]

Obstructions of the economy by the Trademark Office due to the delay in the translation of the Nice Classification.

29.01.2013 State of press freedom in Andorra [DE]

The non-governmental organization Reporters Without Borders evaluates for the first time now as well the situation of press freedom in Andorra.

17.01.2013 Free passage possible on Spanish border crossing [DE]

By redesigning the border crossing point La Farga de Moles it is possible now to enter from Andorra to Spain without delay if there is nothing to declare.

03.01.2013 Indignation about New Year's speech of the Prime Minister

02.01.2013 Plastic shopping bags are no longer free


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