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Andorra News Archive 2016



Andorra News Archive 2016

23.12.2016 Financial unit suspects buyers of gold bars and diamonds of money laundering

Foreign investors and entrepreneurs as well as domestic financial service providers, real estate brokers and lawyers are under observation of the Andorran financial unit.

30.08.2016 Head of government wants to co-create a 'New World Order' (NWO)

Head of government Martí wants to make Andorra one of the fathers of a New World Order, headlines the 'El Periòdic' newspaper on occasion of the report about his speech during the inauguration of the Summer University 2016. Antoni Martí strongly urged Andorra to participate in a joint coordinated action to solve the global challenges.

24.08.2016 Euromarxes writes protest letter to the Pope

The Catalan branch of European protest movement Euromarxes calls in a letter to Pope Francis that the Holy See no longer supports the policies of the Andorran government. The claim is based on the fact that in Andorra human rights are not respected and the judiciary is not independent.

25.07.2016 End of freedom to travel [DE]

The EU is planning a centralized travel information and authorization system, not only for all travelers from third countries like Andorra, but also for EU citizens.

22.06.2016 Episcopal Co-Prince loses Andorra Mint [DE]

The Parliament has decided that the episcopal mint "Servei d'Emissions - Andorra Mint" will be transferred to the Andorran government.

12.05.2016 Finance Minister is reproached of trading in blood diamonds [DE]

Opposition calls for the resignation of Finance Minister Cinca, who, in return, denies any involvement in immoral transactions.

05.05.2016 Exchange of information instead of banking secrecy will be reality [DE]

The European Union (EU) and Andorra sign agreement on automatic information exchange on bank accounts.

27.04.2016 Viruses in the 'Water of Andorra'

The business of the mineral water bottler Aigües d'Arinsal had to be discontinued due to the contamination of the spring with human faeces, after it became known that the consumption of the bottled water Aigua d'Andorra caused illness to several thousand people.
Analyzes have already detected human noroviruses in the spring of the mineral water bottler. The viruses are highly contagious and pathogenic. The virus leads to gastroenteritis, an inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract and usually results in vomiting and diarrhea. .

24.04.2016 Estate Agents Association urges tightening of construction planning law

The self-regulatory (professional) organization of real-estate agents and real estate managers (AGIA) again calls for a modification of the Llei de Sòl to boost the construction industry.
The fact that compulsory investment and non-compensatory flat-rate expropriation of property ownership will have a detrimental effect on new foreign investors is ignored.
Real-estate agents are subject to mandatory membership in this lobby, existing as a corporation of public law since 15 December 2000.

05.04.2016 Finance Minister implicated in Panama Papers

Andorra's finance minister Cinca takes the wind out of the sails regarding the revelations of the 'Panama Papers', revealing that he was authorized to sign the Panamanian company Mariette Holdings Inc. between April 1999 and June 2000. Cinca stressed that he has nothing to hide and that the use of the Panama company had no fiscal reasons.

MUST-READ Wave of expropriations getting closer

Andorra is pushing ahead with the flat-rate expropriation of land ownership to expand public space.

18.03.2016 DNA registry for dogs [DE]

In order to identify the poops of dogs, the idea of establishing a DNA register for dogs in Andorra meets with approval of the government.


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