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Andorra News 2017

28.03.2017 Attack on taxpayers from ambush [DE]

Tax legislation is to become applicable before the publication for the rigid prevention of any tax evasion.

12.03.2017 Non-profit organizations suspected of money laundering

For the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and on the recommendation of the 'Grup d'Acció Financera (GAFI)' all non-profit organizations are subjected to an investigation by the Andorran financial unit 'Unitat d'Intel·ligència Financera d'Andorra (UIFAND)'.

11.03.2017 Non-profit organizations suspected of money laundering [DE]

More and more operators of webpages exclude visitors from countries like Andorra.

10.03.2017 Andorra's image abroad is explored through an online opinion poll [DE]

Andorran Business Confederation is conducting an online survey on the image of Andorra as an investment location for the strategic realignment of the country. By doing this, participants can influence the development of Andorra.

09.03.2017 Again new quota for Passive Residents

The Council of Ministers approved a new quota allowing the Immigration Department to grant up to 600 new residence permits without work permits. Due to the introduction of the income tax in 2015, a huge out-migration of passive residents occurred, which is now being filled by new residents, who usually have to invest at least 400.000 EUR in Andorra.

06.03.2017 Reduction of duty-free allowance for tobacco postulated

The bill of the French parliamentary group Union of Democrats and Independents and the Centralists provides for the protection of the French tobacco trade to limit the duty-free allowances for duty and tax free importation of smoking tobacco contained in the personal luggage of the traveller from Andorra to France to 2 packets per person, about 30 cigaretts. The current duty-free allowances for tobacco is at 400g.

05.03.2017 The Liberals suggest putting negotiations with the EU on ice

Andorra's Liberals see the need to suspend the negotiations with the EU until it is clear "with what kind of Europe is to negotiate". Following the recommendation of the World Council of the Liberal International (LI), Andorra's Liberals are now also awaiting further developments in the EU. They underline a "yes" to Europe and the willingness of an 'intelligent' agreement with Brussels, but not to issue a 'carte blanche' on EU demands.

03.03.2017 Andorra works aggressively on tax collection [DE]

By detailed examination of the tax declarations, tax revenues will be massively increased. Persistent tax evaders are threaten by the confiscation of assets.

02.03.2017 Cash prohibition on transactions over 30,000 EUR

In order to prevent and combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, cash transactions are limited to 30,000 EUR in addition to 2,000 other measures. Shops must identify and register transactions with customers in the future starting from 10,000 EUR, currently 15,000 EUR.

01.03.2017 Congress of the Liberal International (LI) in Andorra

The congress on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the World Federation of Liberal Parties, founded in 1947, will take place this year from 18 to 21 May in Andorra. The biggest talking point will be the updating of the principles of liberalism in the 21st century.
The current President of the Federation is, since 2014, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra, Juli Minoves Triquell. 250 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend the meeting, including ministers and MPs of the European Parliament.
Those who say that they are liberal in Andorra have far removed from the ideas of classical liberalism and are, at most, liberal for themselves. There is a lack of 'real' liberals with a clear commitment to freedom and justice.

22.02.2017 France closes consulate in Andorra due to lack of money

France's budget crisis requires the closure of the French consulate in Andorra to save costs.
The approximately 3,200 French residents in Andorra must either travel to France or Spain. As of 1 September 2017, the French Consulates General in Barcelona and in Madrid take over the consular service. However, due to the proximity to the French border, French nationals in Andorra are allowed to apply for passports and ID cards in any city in France.
The austerity measure shows how deeply busted is France's treasury.

14.02.2017 Current warning for investors in Andorra [DE]

Anyone who flees to tangible assets is quickly suspected of being a money launderer. Legal security looks different.

25.01.2017 State of emergency law in preparation [DE]

The Andorran Government is making preparations to regulate the state of emergency.


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