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Andorra News Archive 2012


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Andorra News Archive 2012

11.12.2012 Media self-censorship business cycle policy by forced investment [DE]

The mass media, referred to as the Fourth Estate, often censor themselves and are quickly abused by politicians. Learn the background and unfortunately that Andorra is not a notable exception here.

19.11.2012 Telecom asks for system usage charge of Apple, Google, Others [DE]

Threatened net neutrality: Mutates Andorra Telecom to the gatekeeper?

12.11.2012 Immigration authorities denied residency

11.10.2012 20 requests concerning tax information exchange

04.10.2012 Andorra is to be seen in Google Street View

02.10.2012 Andorran euros not before 2014

01.10.2012 99% of all fuel oil tanks are still unchecked

30.09.2012 Court auctioned an already sold property

25.09.2012 War of the tobacco prices

22.09.2012 Deposits with the banks increased in 2011

09.08.2012 Direct investments by foreigners are now operational

01.08.2012 Only 5,280 annual financial statements 2011 deposited

26.07.2012 So far, no penalties for non-submission of balance sheets in 2010

16.07.2012 Interior and Justice Minister Marc Vila resigned

21.06.2012 Sales Tax Act adopted

21.06.2012 The law on foreign investments was adopted today

31.05.2012 New law for passive residence permits approved

20.05.2012 Finance Minister comes into the firing line

27.04.2012 The courts are completely overloaded

29.02.2012 Cash smuggling into Spain is declining

19.01.2012 Hotmail filtered e-mails from andorra.ad


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