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Andorra Inside: Checklist - Permission to work. Application procedures for the residence and work permit in the principality of Andorra



Checklist: Permission to work in Andorra

Application for the residence and work permit

This checklist itemizes the required documents for the application for residence and work permit in Andorra and explains the chronological order of the procedure.


Required documents:

- Clearance certificate (s. Art. 9.2.a Implementing Regulations) (on the day of presenting the application not older than 3 months)
a) from the country of origen as well as
b) from the country from where the applicant emigrates to Andorra and from all other countries where the applicant lived before

- Original and photocopy of the valid passport (s. Art. 9.2.b Implementing Regulations)

- Birth certificate

- Proof of marital status
(for example marriage certificate) (s. Art. 9.2.c Implementing Regulations)

- Copy of the tenancy agreement on a habitable accommodation and copy of the habitability certificate of the accommodation (s. Art. 9.2.d Implementing Regulations) (Proofs of accommodation on camping grounds are not any longer accepted)

- 1 passport photo (s. Art. 9.2.e Implementing Regulations)

- Proof of the registration with the CASS

- Curriculum vitae (s. Art. 10.1. Implementing Regulations)

- Proof of the occupational qualification (s. Art. 10.1. Implementing Regulations)

- Original and photocopy of the certificate of registration of the Register of business premises of the government of the employing company

Highly qualified workers (for example computer specialists, managers) have to present in addition the following:

- Employment contract [1]

- Proof of the academic title


Chronological order of the procedure:

The applicant has to

- collect the documents

- have the translations made [2]

- sign the employment contract

- sign the tenancy agreement (subject to the granting of the work permit)

- present the application for the residence and work permit together with the above mentioned documents

- register with the national insurer CASS

- be examined by the medical officer [3] (s. Art. 43 Immigration Law)

- wait for the resolution of the immigration authorities


Furthermore, the following has to be taken into consideration:

Applicants which have the nationality of an EU country or of a country of the European Economic Area are given preferential treatment in the order of the assignment of the immigration permits (s. Art. 39 Immigration Law).

The Immigration authorities may demand that the foreign official documents have to be provided with an apostille in accordance with The Hague Convention, if there are rising any doubts about their authenticity, origin or jurisdiction of the issuing authority (s. Art. 8.3 Implementing Regulations). As well the immigration authority may demand other documents that it considers to be necessary in order to verify the applicant's data (s. Art. 8.4 Implementing Regulations).

For dealing with the application the immigration office charges an official fee of 171,20 Euros. This charge has to be paid already when the application form is collected.

The new immigration laws have been declared unconstitutional by the Andorran constitutional court in February 2001. The new immigration laws "Llei qualificada d'Immigració" have passed the parliament in May 2002 and came into force in September 2002. The Implementing Regulations "Decret regulador del Servei d'Immigració" have been promulgated by the government on 16.10.2002 and came into force on 24.10.2002.




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