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Andorra Inside: Checklist - Purchasing of property in Andorra. Before taking a decision about the purchase of property in Andorra it is advisable to review the offered real estate on the basis of this checklist for the weak points


List of common sense

Market economy for securing a sustainable future

Transparency of the state instead of nepotism

Human rights now and without conditions

Competition and self-responsibility instead of controlled economy and statism

Protection of the privacy of the individual instead of sellout

Personal freedom and self-determination instead of (state) dictation and collectivism

Respect for private property


Checklist: Purchasing of property in Andorra

Before taking a decision about the purchase of property in Andorra it is advisable to review the offered real estate on the basis of this checklist for the following weak points:

green Access over an asphalted road
yellow Access over a tarred path
red Access over private property of another
Snow clearance in winter
green Regular clearance by the municipality
yellow Organized occasionally by private initiative
red No clearance during the winter months
Drinking-water supply
green Supply by the municipality, water quality is supervised
red Supply by a private distributor, then the water quality may be doubtful
Air quality
green Real estate is situated by a quiet side street halfway up in the mountains
yellow Real estate is situated at the bottom of the valley
red Real estate is situated by a main road
Traffic jams or bad weather may turn the generally short distances to the city (shopping centres, post offices, doctor's surgery, etc.) into annoying obstacles
green Up to 10 minutes expenditure of time until reaching adequate Infrastructure
yellow Up to 20 minutes expenditure of time until reaching adequate Infrastructure
red More than 20 minutes expenditure of time until reaching adequate Infrastructure
Schoolbus/Bus stop
green Can be reached on foot within a short time
yellow Is only reachable by a long hike
green Predominantly owners
red Predominantly tenants

Purchase authorization for foreigners
Does the real estate fulfil the conditions for obtaining the purchase authorization needed by foreigners?
green The size of the property (plot of land) is altogether at maximum 1,000m²
red The total size of the property (plot of land) exceeds the limit of 1,000m²
Transfer of ownership
green The real estate will be transferred by "Escriptura Pública"
red The real estate will be transferred only by a private contract
Land shares
Especially, in case of owner-occupied flats or terraced houses there are asked excessive prices pointing out the good location and the high land prices. Because of that always purchasers have to pay attention to the fact, that the land or rather the share of the total property (plot of land) which corresponds to the individual property, will be transferred as well. If this is not mentioned explicitly in writing, then only a contructed part of the building has been purchased, the ownership of the plot of land remains with the seller
green The share of the plot of land is specified in the sale contract
red The size and share of the total property (plot of land) are not specified

Piece of property:
Statements about sizes
The details of surfaces are always the constructed area that includes all parts of a building that are enclosed, stairwell, cellar balcony, etc. Nevertheless, the details correspond quite often not to the reals facts
green Details of square metres of floor space match the piece of property
red The size of the collective property is included in the details of square metres of the individual property of an owner-occupied flat
yellow Inner rooms do not have any daylight
red Bedrooms do not have any daylight
green The panorama can not be blocked by future buildings
yellow Too much vacant surrounding area, the panorama may be blocked in future
Calculation of running costs
green Transparent itemized bill of the community costs
red Sweeping running costs
Parking space of motor vehicles
In case of owner-occupied flats, since some years ago, the proof of ownership of a parking space for a car is stipulated
green Parking space for a motor vehicle is available
red Parking space is not available (then an "Escriptura Pública" is not possible)
Construction quality
Things which are not visible are not existing
yellow Acoustic insulation is quite often not existing and the thermal insulation is frequently insufficient. At least in case of owner-occupied flats, for the most part both may not be changed later

Natural disasters:

Floods, avalanches and radioactive rocks are danger zones
red In the area some pieces of property have been inundated already
red The property is situated in a zone which is endangered by snow avalanches
red Danger of rockfalls by scree avalanches at unstable mountain slopes
yellow The real estate is situated in an area with rocks which are containing radon

Experience shows that the listed criteria are central problem areas. A claim to completeness may not be concluded from that list



green green: o.k.
yellow yellow: be careful, only acceptable in well-founded exceptional cases
red red: not recommendable

Checklist: Purchasing of property


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